The Group

PTG’s mission is to help clients reduce distress, reframe goals, and change unhelpful patterns, so that they can achieve a more balanced, rewarding, and fulfilling life.

We help improve one’s sense of self, relationships with others, and overall life satisfaction. Our team doesn’t subscribe to a “one size fits all” approach here – we listen and adapt to you.

Our team values transparency and feedback throughout our work with clients, so feel free to ask questions and let us know what’s working or not. This collaborative approach is what helps us achieve the most optimal outcomes. 

Treatment Areas

Committed to Top-Notch, Collaborative Care

We offer live training opportunities to members of our team to enhance the care we provide to the community we serve.

Clients may be asked permission for team members to observe or participate in conducting services, with the goal of teaching providers different ways to address concerns.

Clients can always decline with no worries that this decision will impact the care they receive.

Vicki Anagnostopoulos, PhD

Founder & Licensed Psychologist


Licensing Information

Personal Details

Treatment Approach

Dr. Vicki provides active support through guidance and feedback to help address short- or long-term challenges. She prioritizes client strengths and works with clients to identify areas of growth.

Since everyone is different, Dr. Vicki uses various combinations of evidence-based approaches in order to provide effective, individualized care.

Additionally, she strives to provide a safe, non-judgmental environment where one can develop insight to better understand and possibly change patterns that interfere with happiness and fulfillment.