Third Culture Kids

"Share our similarities, celebrate our differences.”

Third Culture Kids (TCKs) are individuals who have had to straddle different cultural worlds (one of their country of nationality or their parents’ country of origin, and another country/culture that they were at least partially raised in). TCKs find themselves trying to navigate both of these cultures, as well as aspects of life that do not line up with either one (the “third culture”). This description applies to first- and second-generation Americans, ex-pats, and those who have lived and/or worked abroad (away from their country of origin).

There can be conflicting values and expectations, strong influence of social or family expectations, lack of belonging, and guilt or shame associated with being different. Our practice highlights cultural understanding and sensitivity in order to support TCKs with the various challenges of navigating the “hodgepodge” of cultural influences.


Other Specialty Areas: Perfectionism, Sport Psychology, Anxiety

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